nama Yesus


Di dlm nama Yesus,tiada yg mustahil

Lebih kurang 2 minggu yg lalu,istriku,Dewi terlibat dlm kecelakaan. Mobilnya dilanggar dr belakang.

Puji Tuhan kerana istriku dan anakku selamat.
Mobil istriku,rear bumper having long scratch line at the right side. After had a long discussion finally the person who knock her from behind agree to cover the repair cost.
Saya minta istriku utk mengambil foto bahagian mobilnya yg kecelakaan itu dan foto IC jejaka yg melanggar mobilnya.
Kecelakaan ini berlaku pagi,istriku dlm perjlnan ke office dan menghantar anak bongsu kamu ke tadika.
Sorenya,sy minta istriku pergi ke painting workshop, estimate the painting cost.
Setelah itu, sy minta istriku to text mssg the guy rgds the cost and he reply back that he will cover the cost.He add in even now also can. But my wife said later on since now she still using the car.
Few days later,text mssg the guy,istriku minta uwang. He reply back not
1. yet pay day and
2. Even after recieve the check it will take few day.
Dgn iman,tanpa pikir banyak Istriku beri peluang.
Terus,plan utk spray mobilnya postponed.
Few days later,again my wife text mssg the guy. This round no reply non even 1. Day after day my wife keep on sending the text mssg but yet no reply. I knew about the whole story but i don’t to interfear. I let my wife to lead the way. Finally my wife give up. He knew that

1. This guy is laying
2. Void her

About 2 days ago,She ask me to step in. That I told her give me his contact no n i’ll call him during night time. This round let us pray,seek God help and advice.
That morning,as routinue,i went out for jogging. As routinue i used that jogging session to pray,press and worship. Also i pray for God mercy,i invite God in solving this problem. End of my pray,i ask God let it as Your will. Biar apa yg terjadi itu atas kehendak Mu dan bukannya aku.
So night time i call this guy. Twice but nobody pick up the phone. Few minute later,i recieved text mssg from him. Who is this? I didn’t answer him through text mssg but i through phone call.In our convertion,I begin by interduce myself and later on painting cost. I told him as well i don’t wan’t to make this issue become big further more we r from the same race,bidayuh. Let settle it professionally. He reply back,i at KL noe…ok…ok…tomorrow i will call your wife.I knew this guy is laying but that is not the problem. Most important he agreed to pay. I called my wife and told her about the conversation n thing we agreed at.
The next day,moment of truth. His mother call my wife,she want to meet and discussion about painting cost. Both of them agreed to meet at coffee shop.Noon time. The mother n the son who hit my wife car rear bumper present. After great my wife she ask for apologize. She make the payment and my wife said thanks.
Finally with God will
Noting is impossible.

The moral of the story
Tanpa campur Tuhan,semuanya kebatasan.
Dgn Tuhan menumpang tangan,tiada yg mustahil



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